Captain Mike & the Sea Kings

Captain Mike is a fisherman and has loved & played the Blues for over 20 years. He spends the summers on his commercial fishing boat chasing Salmon and Tuna, which his lovely wife Yvette sells at local Farmers' Markets, and his winters bringing the Blues to the peoples.

The Sea Kings, Current Line-Up:

Philo Mio Drums - Mike Husser, Bass - Roger Brown, Guitar/Vocals

Our Music

When you listen to Captain Mike & the Sea Kings, you won't hear any "oh, I'm sooo sad" kind of Blues, we don't play any "crying myself to sleep every night 'cause i shot my baby & now I'm in this rotten jail" blues, nor do we play the infamous "I stay drunk all the time & can't get out of the gutter" blues.... We have always suspected that our audience wants to have fun when they go out at night and have tailored our repertoire and lyrics to that fact.
Our music is geared towards an adult audience who likes to party, dance and enjoy a couple of cocktails while having a good time.
Some of the main influences of our style of Blues are undeniably the Howlin' Wolf/Hubert Sumlin team. Howlin' Wolf's big voice was the one calling out to Mike from his records to start singing the Blues. Another major influence can be heard in Cpt. Mike's slide guitar style, which is at times reminiscent of Hound Dog Taylor's screaming sound. Mix into this some John Lee Hooker, Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Taj Mahal and a just a touch of ZZ Top, and the result will be something like what we do.

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Watch a video of Captain Mike doing Katie Mae at Jack London Square in Oakland

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Contact Captain mike via email or call (510) 528-8686
We are available for bookings at local clubs, festivals, private parties, select fundraising events and world tours

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